Benefits of Accessing a CARFAX Report When Considering Used Cars

Posted Sunday, Sep 17, 2023

Benefits of Accessing a CARFAX Report

When buying a used car, most people are concerned about any accidents or major damages the car has had. Vehicle history reports can help potential car buyers understand the reliability and safety of their transportation. They can study the car’s damage history, maintenance records, true mileage, and possible recalls.

A vehicle history report is invaluable for a buyer and seller. It allows the used car sellers to provide a firsthand experience of the car’s health and history. And for buyers, it helps them understand how beneficial the purchase will be.


CARFAX is one of the leading sources of vehicle history information. These services are highly beneficial for both sellers and buyers of used cars.
The CARFAX report provides a detailed account of publicly available information about a vehicle. The data includes the following;

• History of owners of a car
• Maintenance and accidents
• Other events that affect the vehicles’ value
• The operability of a vehicle.

The CARFAX report can help people acquire valuable information about a vehicle they are interested in buying. CARFAX maintains billions of vehicle history reports. For example, when you are looking at used cars, it is likely that CARFAX already has its vehicle identification number and other data. The company gathers information from multiple sources. It then combines this data into a properly formatted report.

On CARFAX’s website, you can view the reported history of a vehicle you are purchasing.

Advantages of Having a CARFAX Subscription Program

CARFAX offers a business subscription program to used car dealerships.
There are numerous advantages that a detailed vehicle information and history report can have for buyers and sellers.

1. Increases the Reliability of Dealerships

People trust used car dealerships more than private sellers. This is because dealerships are authentic sellers who will never trick or deceive their customers.

Another reason why dealerships are considered more reliable is because they can offer customers a detailed history of the used cars. When customers see a copy of the vehicle’s information, it increases their trust in the dealership’s business.

Potential buyers can know that the dealership wants to offer the best deals to their customers. When the dealership provides solid proof of the soundness of the car, it increases the purchase guarantee. Buyers want irrefutable proof that the used car wasn’t involved in major accidents or other such events.

When a used car dealership provides its customers with premium vehicle history reports, it solidifies its customer relations. With this transparent and trustworthy service, customers will return for more.

2. Eliminates Fake Mileage Traps

Odometer fraud is a term used to describe the disconnection, alteration, or resetting of a vehicle’s odometer to change the indicated number of miles.
Odometer fraud is a common fraud that sellers of vehicles do to represent the actual mileage of their cars in a fake manner. To check if the odometer is tampered with, a vehicle history report can be of the highest value.
The dashboard of a vehicle contains an odometer that displays the total distance traveled by the car in its lifespan. This reading or mileage is altered, called “mileage reversal or mile busting.”

In this case, a vehicle history report can help car buyers understand whether the car was overused or underused. It is reliable evidence that shows the true mileage of used cars.

3. A Vehicle History Report Ensures That You Are Buying a Healthy Car

The car dealerships run a VIN check on every used car they have in their inventory. They make sure that no car that they are selling has a hidden history or past auction sale.
To preserve the integrity of their brand, used car dealerships will ensure that only healthy cars are displayed to the customers. There is no room for stolen vehicles, vehicles with fake mileage, or other frauds.
To provide evidence of their reputation, they will get a vehicle history report integrated with their dealership services.

4. Buyers Can Confirm the Vehicle’s Identity

In cases when you are purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, a vehicle history report is even more crucial. CARFAX reports can help you verify the vehicle’s information, its VIN, year, and model.

In this way, buyers can know that they are getting the right car. And there is no chance that they will end up purchasing a faulty vehicle.

Furthermore, when you move states, there is a need for repeat registrations. Getting your vehicle registered in the state in which you have your license is a necessary step. With a CARFAX report, you can check whether the car you are purchasing is registered in more than one state. You can check number of previous owners this car has.

In this way, you can verify the honesty of a private seller and know more about the car’s accident and service history. Accident and service history is also essential to take better care of your car. You will know how to maintain it properly, but you can also refuse to purchase a car if the damage is more than what you are comfortable with.

5. Other Benefits

With a vehicle history report, you get to know which components of a car were damaged in an accident. You don’t usually have to worry about a damaged car with a used car dealership. Dealerships will refurbish any damaged car, as they don’t want to showcase defective cars to their customers.

But when purchasing a car from private sellers, a good vehicle’s history will assure you that you are not buying a highly problematic or rebuilt car.
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